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Media Release
28 February 2019

Minister Fawcett Visits New Chinook Facilities Project Site at RAAF Base Townsville

Assistant Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon David Fawcett today announced the upcoming construction of facilities under the LAND 4502 Additional Chinook Facilities project during his visit to the 5th Aviation Regiment precinct at RAAF Base Townsville.

Minister Fawcett said the new facilities would ensure the 5th Aviation Regiment continued to effectively support Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations, training, other Government tasking and humanitarian operations.

“New facilities will include helicopter shelters, logistics support infrastructure, working accommodation and helicopter tarmac spaces,” Minister Fawcett said.

“The Chinook capability is critical to supporting Australians, both in the field and at home. This was highlighted by the recent mobilisation of the 5th Aviation Regiment to support the Townsville flood relief effort by flying fuel to remote refuelling stations.”

Minister Fawcett said the upcoming LAND 4502 project would follow previous Chinook projects that achieved high levels of local industry engagement and created opportunities for local suppliers and labour markets.

“Through the successful implementation of the Local Industry Capability Plan, previous Chinook infrastructure projects at RAAF Base Townsville injected around $33 million into the local economy, with 76 per cent of subcontract packages being awarded to businesses within a 50 kilometre radius of RAAF Base Townsville.”

“This project and its benefits to the local economy is great news for the people of Townsville.”

Northern-based Senator Ian Macdonald said the Government was committed to ensuring that the ADF was well equipped to perform their operations.

“RAAF Base Townsville is an important ADF base, with the 5th Aviation Regiment being a critical component.”

“This project will ensure that the ADF is best equipped to go about its duties, whether operationally, in training or providing humanitarian support as we have seen recently in the North Queensland floods.”

The project reflects the Government’s 2016 Defence White Paper commitment to invest in the Chinook capability. It is expected to commence in mid-2019 and be completed in late 2020.