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Media Release
2 May 2019

Darwin a Major Beneficiary of Defence Investment, Says USFPI Report

KPMG’s US Force Posture Initiatives (USFPI) Social and Economic Impact Study, released yesterday, reveals over $700 million flowed into the Northern Territory economy in 2016/17 as a result of Defence and US Force Posture Initiatives.

Included within this $700 million investment, Defence supported approximately 6,000 jobs, of which the USFPI supported 45 jobs.

The US Force Posture Initiatives encompass a range of unilateral, bilateral and multilateral training and exercise opportunities for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), US Marines and regional partners.

Senator the Hon David Fawcett visited Darwin’s Robertson Barracks today to meet with US and ADF servicemen and women and to inspect base facilities that are part of the $70 million base upgrade program over the next 10 years, $36.3 million of which has already been invested in past or current upgrades.

“The strength of our US-Australia alliance is demonstrated through the significant and ongoing investment, both domestic and international, flowing into Darwin as a result,” Senator Fawcett said.

“A combined total of $2 billion will be invested by the Australian and the United States governments for Defence infrastructure and facilities at current sites throughout the Northern Territory.”

“Through the USFPI, the United States has undertaken two infrastructure and facility projects, over the last 14 months, worth $26million to local contractors.

“The USFPI design and construction projects will continue to create jobs and economic growth in the Northern Territory over the next decade, but this investment demonstrates that the positive economic impact isn’t just confined to the forward estimates and is taking place here and now.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent announcement that this rotation of the US Marine Corp to Robertson Barracks will reach 2,500 personnel is more good economic news for the region as these soldiers will inject significant funds into the local economy during their stay.

“Our global allies, like the United States, can be confident that Australia will be a cooperative and constructive partner because of the significant investment that the Federal Liberal Government has made and continues to make to strengthen our defence capability.”

The Socio-Economic Impact Study, commissioned last year to KPMG by Defence, provides a forward projection of estimated contribution to the Northern Territory’s economy and an anticipated Defence expenditure on infrastructure and services. These conservative estimations are based on today’s economic data and do not factor in natural fluctuations that may occur in the future.

The USFPI Socio-Economic Impact Study is available at: