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Media Release
14 May 2019

Local Contractors Securing Work At RAAF Base Edinburgh

To protect Australia and our national interests, the Morrison Government is building a stronger Defence Force by restoring Defence funding to 2 per cent of GDP by 2020-21 and investing over $200 billion in military capability over the decade. We have taken the important decision to ensure that planning and funding includes not only equipment such as aircraft or ships, but also enabling infrastructure such as runways, wharfs and ICT systems through an Integrated Investment Program (IIP).

Assistant Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon David Fawcett, and the Liberal Candidate for Spence, Kathleen Bourne, today visited key capability works being delivered at RAAF Base Edinburgh and were briefed on planned construction contained in the IIP.

RAAF Base Edinburgh is the centre of our nation’s flight test centre, military intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities, and is also the home of Army’s 1st Armoured Regiment and the 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.

“The Morrison Government is currently investing $448 million across ten major capital infrastructure projects in South Australia occurring in Cultana, Woomera, Port Wakefield, Adelaide and here in Edinburgh.

“Through the successful implementation of the Local Industry Capability Plan, the majority of sub-contract packages have been awarded to businesses within the local Adelaide metropolitan area.

“Today Kathleen and I have visited two key infrastructure projects being delivered here in Edinburgh.

“The AIR7000 Phase 2B Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement Facilities project being delivered by the Managing Contractor, Lendlease, due for completion in 2020, is seeing more than 83 per cent of the work amounting to $241.8 million of work being done by local contractors.

“Defence’s Explosive Ordnance Logistics Reform program being delivered by the Head Contractor, St Hilliers, again due for completion in 2020 and is seeing 97 per cent of the work amounting to upwards of $12 million being done by local contractors.

“The Morrison Government remains committed to the security of our nation and will further develop our key capabilities here at Edinburgh over the immediate future.

“The proposed AIR555 Phase 1 and AIR7000 Phase 1B projects aimed at enhancing our military intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities will see an investment of $517.7 million in new facilities at Edinburgh, Townsville and Tindal, with work being completed by 2024.

“The proposed Edinburgh Defence Precinct Mid Term Refresh project will see upwards of $99 million invested in ensuring that the Edinburgh Defence site meets the needs of our new military capabilities, with this work to be completed in early 2022.

“Importantly, through the Coalition’s successful implementation of the Local Industry Capability Plan initiative, founded on feedback from regional businesses, most of this construction work will be tendered for in a way that local companies can bid for and win work – thus delivering value for money and local benefit”, Minister Fawcett said.

Kathleen Bourne observed that “this is yet a further example of the Morrison Government’s demonstrated commitment to the security of our nation being undertaken in a manner that sees the benefits of such investment flowing through to our local businesses and communities, particularly here in Spence”.