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Deputy Chair, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Co-Chair, Parliamentary Friends of Israel

Senator for South Australia

Media Release
30 November 2023

Statement on actions by anti-Semitic protestors in Melbourne hotel

I condemn the disgraceful actions this morning by the group of activist protestors who invaded a Melbourne hotel to harass and intimidate a group of Israelis whose loved ones have been murdered or taken hostage by the terrorist group Hamas.

The Israeli group has been in Australia sharing their horrific experiences from the 7 October massacres—raising awareness about the ongoing plight of their loved ones who are still being held hostage by the designated terrorist organisation and seeking international support for access to the hostages by the Red Cross.

I am deeply disturbed by the aggressive, hateful and anti-Semitic actions of these protestors. Australia should not allow such intimidation of families who are victims of a premeditated, murderous attack by a designated terrorist organisation which is pledged to the elimination of the Jewish people of Israel.