David has an extremely valuable set of skills and values. As National Rural Health Commissioner, I found him to be very effective in making things happen for SA through his influence on Ministers and his knowledge of the systems of government.

His talk meant action—and if that wasn’t possible, he would explain quickly why. His work on behalf of rural doctors in SA to improve training was critical in enabling our State to get early access to policy initiatives and funding.

Former Australian Rural Health Commissioner and practicing country GP

In addition to facilitating partnerships and wider advocacy in the rural health space, my work involves making representations to relevant ministers and shadow ministers in the interests of seeing improved policy and outcomes in relation to health and aged care in regional areas.

Much of this work has involved building networks between local health providers and professionals and policymakers, public servants and other stakeholders at both the state and federal level. This takes the form of organised meetings, forums and professional roundtables, as well as less formal interactions, which provide stakeholders with the opportunity to share their experiences and insights with state and federal parliamentarians and candidates.

I have raised awareness of the unique health challenges faced in regional South Australia—including providing briefings on rural health care, Indigenous health care and rural aged care issues—to both the National Rural Health Commissioner and state and federal colleagues.

Rural health workforce challenges have also been a key area of focus for me. I have brought together stakeholders from state and federal parliaments, research institutions and the public service to map out a path to a collaborative solution to these challenges in South Australia.

In addition, I have cooperated with parliamentary colleagues and other stakeholders—including the Rural Doctors Association Australia and training providers like Flinders and Adelaide University—to support rural and remote training initiatives like the Australian Remote Medicine Academy (ARMA) and Riverland Academy of Clinical Excellence (RACE)—programs developed and championed by South Australian GPs who are experts in their fields.

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