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Deputy Chair, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Senator for South Australia

Media Release
12 May 2024

Statement in response to the Albanese Government’s vote at the United Nations General Assembly

Hamas is no partner for peace.

The Albanese Government has undermined Australia’s long-standing bi-partisan policy of not rewarding terrorism. Labor has also junked 40 years of bi-partisan support for a negotiated political settlement to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people.

A credible and enduring political settlement cannot be imposed by external parties—especially at gunpoint—or while hostages are held.

Labor has increased the isolation of the Middle East’s only democracy in favour of rewarding the violent actions of an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood which is committed to the destruction of Israel and its people.

Despite the loud voices, Israel’s defence is legitimate under international humanitarian law. The case study by the International Committee of the Red Cross of the battle for Mosul against ISIS highlights that large numbers of civilian casualties will occur when civilians are deliberately and callously used by terrorists as human shields.

As Amnesty International states in that case study, however, the fault lies with the terrorist group using human shields, not the military force seeking to destroy the terrorists.

The Albanese Government has lost its moral compass in supporting this vote in the United Nations. It is failing to provide the leadership Australia needs to keep all members of our community certain of their safety.


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