Our most important responsibility is to keep Australians safe and protect our way of life, values and freedom.

The Federal Liberal Government is working to protect Australians from terrorism, especially the threat of violent, extremist Islam.

The 2019/20 Federal Budget included a $570 million boost in funding for national security agencies to keep Australians safe.

Tougher anti-terrorism laws

Our Government has passed 12 packages of national security legislation. These new laws help our intelligence and law enforcement agencies to investigate, monitor,
arrest and prosecute extremists.

Disrupting terror plots

Since September 2014, our security agencies have disrupted 14 major terrorist plots. 90 people have been charged from 40 counter-terrorism operations.

Boosting our security agencies

To help fight terrorism and crime, the Government has boosted funding of our law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies (by $2.2 billion since 2014).

We’ve provided the Australian Federal Police (AFP) with the biggest funding boost in a decade ($321.4 million in extra funding over four years).

This will fund 100 more intelligence experts, over 100 more tactical response and covert surveillance operators, and almost 100 forensic specialists.

Cancelling citizenship for terrorist conduct

We believe dual nationals who support terrorist activities forfeit their right to call Australia home. We have passed legislation to revoke the citizenship of any dual national who engages in terrorism. This includes foreign fighters who seek to return here.

Aviation security

The Morrison Government is investing $294 million to strengthen security at airports and mail and air cargo facilities.

Counter radicalisation

We have invested more than $45 million in programs to counter radicalisation and remove online terrorist propaganda.

Directing aid to our strategic priorities

We are supporting an affordable, targeted, effective overseas aid program that has maximum impact.

Last year, Australia contributed $4 billion in development assistance. This included a record $1.3 billion in the Pacific.

Foreign interference

We live in a world where others might try to exploit our freedoms and disrupt our democracy. The Government has passed laws to protect against espionage and foreign interference in Australia.

Our Government has:

  • Established laws strengthening the way our national security agencies investigate and disrupt foreign interference and espionage.
  • Introduced new laws to expose any efforts to influence Australian politics.
  • Appointed a National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator

Protecting Australians from criminals

Our Government is protecting Australians from criminals, with more funding for our police and security agencies and tougher laws.

Deporting criminals

We believe there’s no place in Australia for people who come here and harm Australians. That’s why we have increased the Minister’s power to cancel visas for non-citizens convicted of a serious crime. This has resulted in a 12-fold increase in visa cancellations.

Since December 2014, the Government has cancelled the visas of 4,150 dangerous criminals.

Last year alone, over 800 criminals had their visas cancelled, including: 13 for murder; 7 for manslaughter; 34 rapists and sex offenders; 53 for domestic violence; 56 for armed robbery; 100 child sex offenders; and 125 for assault.

Cracking down on paedophiles

To protect children, we have cancelled the visas of more than 300 child sex offenders and stopped hundreds more at the border.

In the biggest crackdown on paedophiles in a generation, we have introduced to Parliament new laws to ensure child sex offenders spend longer in jail, are less likely to be granted bail and parole, face mandatory minimum sentences and are closely supervised following their release.

We passed Carly’s Law to make it a crime for an adult to use a carriage service for causing harm to, or preparing for or engaging in or procuring sexual activity with, a minor.

We are taking steps to establish a National Public Register of Child Sex Offenders.

Fighting gang crime

We have set up National Anti-Gangs Squads across the country to combat organised crime, thugs and bikie gangs.

This has resulted in the arrest of more than 1,100 criminals, more than 3,700 charges laid and the seizure of more than 5,800 illegal guns, $9.5 million in cash and more than 2,500kg of drugs and precursors.

Stopping the trafficking of illegal firearms

Our Government introduced legislation which doubles the maximum penalty and provides mandatory minimum five-year sentences for the trafficking of illegal firearms.

Using proceeds of crime to fight crime

We established a national unexplained wealth scheme to hit criminals where it hurts most: their hip pockets.

This gives our law enforcement agencies greater powers to seize criminal assets and use the proceeds of crime for crime prevention and law enforcement.

Helping local communities fight crime

We’ve delivered over $130 million in crime prevention projects to assist local councils and communities in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

This includes $30 million for CCTV, lighting and other safety measures through our Safer Communities Fund.

Supporting Australians in the face of natural disasters

We are protecting our communities from natural disasters by increasing resilience, preparedness and response capability.

When disasters happen, we will help Australians rebuild their lives and communities.

Being ready

We live in a country of undeniable beauty.

However, its climate can be harsh. We are vulnerable to disaster.

Sadly, we can’t always prevent natural disasters, but we can prepare for them. We can also ensure we respond in the most effective way.

In December 2018, our Government announced the Preparing Australia Package.

This provided $26 million for national emergency management projects, such as aerial firefighting, emergency alert systems and a fund to help local communities improve their resilience (such as bushfire shelters).

Building resilience

We have a strong record of investing in community safety initiatives and disaster preparedness. Since 2013, this has included:

  • $3.9 billion (growing to $5 billion) for the Future Drought Fund.
  • $130 million for the National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience.

This contributes to safer, sustainable communities better able to withstand the effects of natural disasters.