The Federal Liberal Government will remain committed to our three proven border protection policies which have stopped the boats: offshore processing, turnbacks and temporary protection visas.

Ending the chaos and deaths at sea under Labor

Criminal people-smuggling syndicates are always a danger to Australia. That’s why we must keep our borders secure.

When the last Labor government dismantled Australia’s effective border security policies, over 50,000 people arrived on more than 800 boats.

When Labor formed government in 2007, there were no asylum seeking children in detention. Yet when they left office in 2013, approximately 8,000 children had been held in immigration detention, during their six years in government.

Labor’s inability to stop people smugglers as they plied their evil trade meant there were over 1,200 deaths at sea.

Labor’s border protection failure forced them to open 17 detention centres. It also led to a Budget blowout of $16 billion.

Our Government has ended the chaos of Labor and restored strong border protection policies.

Our effective policies, first enacted by Scott Morrison as Immigration Minister, include:

  • Offshore processing.
  • Boat turnbacks where it is safe to do so.
  • Temporary Protection visas.

All of these policies are necessary, to protect our borders and deny people smugglers a product to sell.

These strong policies have:

  • Stopped deaths at sea.
  • Closed 19 detention centres.
  • Removed all children from detention.

Under our Government, people who arrive illegally will not be re-settled in Australia. No ifs, no buts. The door is closed.

While people smugglers are still ready to exploit any weakness, we are determined to not allow their trade to start again.

Labor simply can’t be trusted to maintain strong border protection policies.