The Australian Government is committed to assisting Australian small businesses through the COVID-19 storm. As the Government continues to strike a balance between health outcomes and economic recovery, 48,400 South Australian businesses and organisations have accessed support – through the $70 billion JobKeeper program – to retain their staff and remain operational during this tough time, as of early June. For more information on assistance available to small business, click here.

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    How many employees does your business support?

    I am a sole trader

    How severe was the impact of COVID-19 on your business?

    Did your business close for a period of time?


    Did your staff remain at the business facility or operate from home?

    Did your business use the JobKeeper program to assist your staff to remain employed?


    What percentage of staff do you anticipate will remain post COVID-19?

    Do you have vacant roles within your business which you are currently trying to fill?


    Did you find the information relating to COVID-19 and Australian Government support – including JobKeeper – easily accessible and relevant to your business?


    If you could raise one issue that would improve your business, what would it be?
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